Product Description

LA HAMMER PASTE is designed solely for the lubricating of Hammer chisels and wear bushings of today?s modern hydraulic hammers.

LA HAMMER PASTE is formulated to provide outstanding lubrication of hydraulic hammers, fortified with solids to prevent galling and seizing.? LA HAMMER PASTE provides exceptional equipment protection even under extreme temperatures or areas of excess water. LA HAMMER PASTE offers outstanding corrosion protection while providing excellent adhesion properties under heavy shock loads.

Applications / Benefits

  • Withstands temperatures in excess of 200?C
  • Reduces costs associated with shaft and bushing wear
  • Contains a high solids content for improved protection
  • Highly water resistant
  • Guards against pick-up, galling and seizure
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Excellent adhesion


Property Values
NLGI Grade 2
Appearance Copper/grey
Thickener Type Calcium Sulphonate Complex
Penetration, D-217 worked 60 265-290
Worked 10,000 – % change ?5 max
Dropping Point, D-2265, ?C, min 260
4-Ball EP, D-2596 weld point 800 kg
4-Ball Wear, Scar Dia. Mm, D-2266 0.60
Corrosion Prevention, D-1743 Pass
Solids, Graphite & Copper 14%
Base Oil Characteristics
Viscosity @ 40?C cSt 200-240
Viscosity @ 100?C cSt 18-20
Viscosity @ 100?F SUS 1160
Viscosity Index 95
Flash Point, COC >240?C

NOTE: Values stated herein are typical and do not represent a specification