LA DIESEL DD 30, 40 CF-4/CF-2/SG


LA DIESEL MONOGRADE oils are high performance, mixed fleet, low ash monograde automotive engine oils designed for a wide range of diesel and petrol engines operating under severe service conditions. They are available in SAE 30 and 40 grades.


LA DIESEL MONOGRADE oils are primarily recommended for use as a single oil in mixed fleets where a monograde oil is preferred.

Suitable for both light and heavy duty four stroke engines, both naturally aspirated and turbocharged.

Recommended also for a wide range of European, Japanese and Detroit 2 cycle diesel engines along with most modern petrol engines requiring up to an API SG petrol rating.

Applications include commercial road transport, off-highway earthmoving, mining and agricultural applications / operations under all service conditions, along with a wide range of passenger car and light truck petrol engines.

May be used also in transmission applications requiring Caterpillar TO2 or Allison C4 performance.

Can be used in non-engine applications where oils of its performance level are suitable, such as manual and power shift transmissions, mobile hydraulic systems and generator sets.

Also recommended for generator sets and high speed diesel engines in marine service. Not recommended for use in any two cycle petrol engines or gas fuelled spark ignition engines.


  • Overall engine cleanliness.
  • Proven to reduce wear.
  • Minimises piston and combustion chamber deposits.
  • Minimises sludge formation.


US Military MIL-L-2104E
US Military MIL-L-46152D
DDC/MTU Category 1
Mercedes Benz 228.0
MAN 270


SAE Grade 30 40
Density at 15?C, kg/L 0.88 0.885
Base No (D2896)mg KOH/g 10 10
Flash Point ?C (min) 210 220
Pour Point ?C ?-8 -10
Sulfated Ash %m 1.4 1.4
Viscosity cSt at 40?C 90 130
Viscosity cSt at 100?C 11 14
Viscosity Index 108 105


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