Product Description

A cost effective, water based, conventional corrosion inhibitor for light commercial and passenger vehicles with petrol or diesel engines.

Product Benefits

  • Designed to provide economical, effective protection to engines that do not specify the use of ethylene glycol based anti-boil / antifreeze.
  • Protects all metals commonly found in modern engines, including those with aluminium heads or blocks.
  • Suitable for use in light diesel and petrol engines
  • Exceeds corrosion resistance specification of AS2108 – 2004 (Type B) standard.
  • Lubricates water pump seals.
  • Not harmful to radiator/heater connecting hoses, or diesel liner seals and ?o? rings.
  • Assists in maintaining original design heat transfer rates and hence maintains optimum engine performance.
  • Controls scale formation on hot metal surfaces around the engine combustion chamber, increasing useful engine life and reducing maintenance costs.

Principal Uses

AC7000 is a concentrated blend of corrosion inhibitors designed to protect all metal surfaces in the engine cooling system from rust, corrosion scale deposits, cavitation and erosion.


The recommended dosage is 5%, mixed with good quality soft or demineralised water.


Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information

Instructions for use

Add 500ml of AC7000 for every 10 litres of cooling system capacity. Only use good quality, soft water or demineralised water.
If water is lost from the cooling system, top up with a 5% v/v strength solution of AC7000
For best results drain and flush cooling system every 12 months or 20,000 kms (whichever comes first).

Complies with AS 2108 – 2004 (Type B)


Test strips are available for checking the level of AC 7000 in the engine cooling system.


On-site technical assistance can be provided to implement and evaluate treatment programs using AC7000.
Technical support of a NATA registered laboratory is also available as an integral part of the supply of all Australian Coolant?s products.