Product Description

A new-generation technology, heavy duty, organic inhibitor that provides excellent cooling system corrosion protection for all petrol, diesel and gas fuelled engines where anti-freeze anti-boil protection is not required.

Product Benefits

  • Maximises the period between coolant changes.
    • Passenger and Light Commercial vehicles – 5 years / 200,000kms
    • Heavy Duty Vehicles ? 1,000,000km/12,000 hrs / 6 years
      (When good quality water is used as directed)
  • Maximises protection of all metals commonly used in cooling systems.
  • Provides a unique inhibitor package suitable for mixed metal protection.
  • Excellent protection against liner pitting and cavitation.
  • Maximises reliability and operating life of water pumps.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Formulated, tested and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.
  • Meets and exceeds the following performance and specification requirements:-
    All major engine manufacturers for passenger, truck and machinery applications.
    ASTM?s D1384, D4340, D2809, D2570, D1881, D1287, D1121, D3634.
    AS2108 – 2004 (Type B) and most international critical performance specifications.

Principle Uses

  • All gas, petrol and diesel fuelled engines, including motor-bikes, passenger and light commercial vehicles,, buses, tractors, trucks and industrial and mining applications, including stationary engines.


  • The recommended dose is 7.5% – however, consult your Australian Coolants technical representative to obtain the optimum dosage rate for your particular application.


  • Refer to the AC1000 Material Safety Data Sheet before using the product

Complies with AS2018 – 2004 (Type B)

Instructions for Use

  • Before Dosing
    • Drain the old coolant and clean the system if the old coolant is discoloured, to remove corrosion products, scale or contamination.
    • Use AC4000 Cooling System Cleaner to clean the cooling system.
  • Initial Dosage: – Add AC1000 at the rate of 0.75 litre per 10 litres system volume (7.5% ).
  • On-going Treatment.
    • If coolant is lost from the cooling system, always top up with a mixture of 0.75 litres AC1000 to 10 litres water (7.5% v/v).
  • Light commercial & passenger Vehicles:
    • There is no need to replace the inhibitor during the life of the coolant unless coolant is lost from the system. The cooling system should be drained and replaced every 5 years or 200,000kms (whichever comes first) or more frequently in extreme conditions
  • Heavy duty diesel applications
    • The coolant does not need to be re-dosed at regular intervals or expensive water filters replaced as is the case with conventional SCA?s.. Performance period is 1,000,000kms / 12,000 hrs or 6 years. Top up with AC1000 mixed as specified above if coolant is lost from the system.
    • Always pre-clean the cooling system using AC4000 between coolant changes to maintain maximum cooling system efficiency.


Test strips are available from Australian Coolants to monitor the level of AC1000 in the cooling system.


  • On-site technical assistance can be provided to implement and evaluate treatment programs using AC1000.
  • Technical support of a NATA registered laboratory is also available as an integral part of the supply of all Australian Coolants products